Where To Get Cheap Custom Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts With Logo?

Finding affordable custom long sleeve fishing shirts with your logo doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you’re outfitting a fishing team, promoting your brand, or looking for the perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts, getting high-quality, personalized shirts at a budget-friendly price is possible. With the right approach, you can achieve a professional look that represents your brand without breaking the bank.

This guide will explore the best places to get cheap custom long sleeve fishing shirts with logos, ensuring you get great value while maintaining high standards of quality and customization. From online platforms to specialized suppliers, we’ll provide you with options to make an informed decision and get the best deal for your needs.

Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts

Benefits of Custom Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts

1. UV Protection

Fishing often involves prolonged exposure to the sun, which can be harmful to your skin. Custom long sleeve fishing shirts typically offer UV protection, shielding you from harmful ultraviolet rays and reducing the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage. This feature is particularly important for those spending extended periods on the water.

2. Comfort

Designed for outdoor activities, these shirts are made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you cool and dry. The long sleeves provide added coverage without sacrificing comfort, ensuring you stay comfortable even in warm weather. Lightweight and quick-drying materials make these shirts ideal for active use.

3. Branding for Fishing Teams or Businesses

Custom fishing shirts are a great way to promote your team or business. Adding your logo or team name to the shirts enhances visibility and creates a cohesive, professional look. This branding can help foster team spirit, attract sponsorships, and make your group easily recognizable during competitions and events.

4. Personal Style

Custom long sleeve fishing shirts allow you to express your personal style or team identity. With various colors, designs, and customization options, you can create a unique look that reflects your personality or brand. This personalization makes your fishing gear stand out and adds a touch of individuality to your outdoor apparel.

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Recommended Site for Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts

1. Online Custom Apparel Retailers

Many online retailers specialize in custom apparel and offer competitive prices for bulk orders. These platforms often provide easy-to-use design tools and a wide range of customization options.

  • Custom Ink: Known for its user-friendly design interface, Custom Ink offers various types of custom apparel, including long sleeve fishing shirts. They provide bulk discounts and have excellent customer service to assist with your design needs.
  • Vistaprint: Vistaprint offers affordable custom printing services, including apparel. They frequently run promotions and discounts, making it a cost-effective option for custom fishing shirts.
  • Printful: Printful is a popular choice for custom apparel with no minimum order requirements. They offer high-quality printing and a variety of shirt options, including performance fabrics suitable for fishing.
  • LeelineCustom:  provides an extensive selection of apparel, including custom long sleeve fishing shirts. You can upload your own logo, artwork, or choose from a vast library of clipart and design templates provided by Leeline Custom. This flexibility allows for a high degree of personalization. offers affordable rates for custom apparel.  Significant discounts are available for larger orders, making it cost-effective for teams, businesses, or large events. for more details, you can visit: leelinecustom.com

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2. Specialized Outdoor and Fishing Apparel Suppliers

These suppliers focus specifically on outdoor and fishing gear, ensuring you get shirts designed for durability and performance.

  • AFTCO: AFTCO offers custom fishing shirts with high-performance features like UV protection and moisture-wicking fabrics. They provide customization options for logos and designs, perfect for fishing teams and businesses.
  • Hanes: Hanes offers a range of performance shirts that can be customized. Their long sleeve fishing shirts are known for their comfort and durability, and they often have bulk order discounts.

3. Local Print Shops

Supporting local businesses can be a great way to get custom apparel. Many local print shops offer custom printing services and may provide discounts for bulk orders.

  • Local Print Shops: Check with local print shops in your area for custom printing services. They can often provide personalized service and competitive pricing, especially for bulk orders. Building a relationship with a local shop can also lead to future discounts and more tailored service.

4. Wholesale Suppliers

Wholesale suppliers can offer significant savings, especially for larger orders. They often provide a wide range of apparel options and customization services.

  • Alibaba: Alibaba connects you with manufacturers offering bulk custom apparel at wholesale prices. You can negotiate directly with suppliers to get the best deals on custom long sleeve fishing shirts.
  • S&S Activewear: S&S Activewear offers a wide range of wholesale apparel, including performance fishing shirts. They provide customization options and bulk pricing discounts.

5. Promotional Product Companies

These companies specialize in custom promotional items and often offer apparel as part of their product range.

  • 4imprint: 4imprint offers a variety of custom apparel options, including long sleeve fishing shirts. They provide a range of customization options and bulk order discounts, making them a cost-effective choice for promotional shirts.
  • Promotional Products: Companies like this can provide custom fishing shirts with your logo at competitive prices. They often offer bulk discounts and various customization options.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal

1. Take Advantage of Promotions and Discounts

  • Seasonal Sales: Many companies offer sales during certain times of the year, such as back-to-school, end-of-season, or holiday sales. Plan your purchase around these sales to save money.
  • First-Time Customer Discounts: Some online retailers offer discounts for first-time customers. Signing up for newsletters or loyalty programs can also provide access to exclusive deals and promo codes.
  • Clearance and Overstocks: Check the clearance or overstock sections of websites for discounted items. These sections often include high-quality products at a fraction of the original price.

2. Compare Prices from Different Suppliers

  • Shop Around: Take the time to compare prices from multiple suppliers. Different companies have different pricing structures, and a little research can reveal significant savings.
  • Request Quotes: For large orders, request quotes from several suppliers. This allows you to compare not only prices but also the terms of service, customization options, and shipping costs.
  • Price Matching: Some suppliers offer price matching services. If you find a lower price elsewhere, they may be willing to match or beat that price.

3. Consider the Total Cost

  • Customization Fees: Look into the details of customization fees. Some companies include these fees in the base price, while others charge separately. Ensure you understand the full cost of adding logos, names, or other designs.
  • Shipping Costs: Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs, which can add up, especially for bulk orders. Some suppliers offer free or discounted shipping for large orders.
  • Setup Charges: Check if there are any setup charges for printing or embroidery. These fees can vary significantly between suppliers.


Custom long sleeve fishing shirts combine functionality and branding, making them ideal for businesses, event organizers, and individuals seeking durability and personalized design.

For quality and affordable Custom Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts, leelinecustom.com is your best choice. If you have custom product requests for your business, contact us with [email protected] to find the right solutions.